Career Transitioning & Outplacement Support

When your organisation needs to change, it’s your people that will feel the impact!

Our primary focus at RecruitNet is, to assist you in mitigating those impacts and facilitating a positive transition for your workforce.

Why RecruitNet?

Industry Leading Experts

Our team of career consultants consist of industry leaders with extensive experience in navigating all aspects of change. We approach our work with unwavering passion and dedication, ensuring exceptional outcomes for our clients.


Recognising that change can be a challenging process, we prioritise treating individuals with the utmost dignity, confidentiality, and respect. Our commitment to professionalism remains unwavering throughout every interaction.

Tailored Solutions

We understand each person’s journey is unique. That’s why we steer clear of generic approaches and instead offer customised career programs designed to meet your specific needs. Our solutions are tailored to deliver the best results for you.

Value to the Organisation

  • Reduced stress and anxiety among your employees.
  • A highly engaged and productive workforce.
  • Increased employee self-confidence.
  • Enhanced goodwill within your organisation.

Rebuilding Careers

  • Provide a strong support system, ensuring individuals feel guided.
  • We help individuals build self-confidence and self-awareness.
  • Our guidance helps individuals define clarity on their future.
  • We equip individuals with the necessary tools to quickly secure new employment opportunities.

What is Career Transition & Outplacement?

  • Self-assessment: identifying and evaluating your skills, values and career preferences
  • CV writing and cover letters: crafting compelling and tailored documents to highlight qualifications and experience.
  • Job search strategy: developing effective approaches to find relevant employment opportunities.
  • Creating an online presence: establishing profiles on professional platforms such as LinkedIn, SEEK and TradeMe.
  • Effective networking: providing guidance on building meaningful professional connections to expand job prospects.
  • Interview preparation: equipping individuals with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in interviews.
  • Negotiating a job offers: Assisting in negotiating favourable terms and conditions for new employment opportunities.