How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Whether you are a job seeker or business owner, a recruitment agency can help you grow in your career. They connect employers with employees, matching people with jobs that suit their needs and making the most of their skills and experience. So, how do recruitment agencies work, and why do so many people use them?

A recruitment agency typically starts by offering candidates free registration to help them build a database of resumes and CVs. Once they’ve collected details from enough job seekers, they offer a paid recruitment service to business owners and hiring managers, helping them fill vacant roles with qualified candidates.

Roles of a Recruitment Agency

Some recruitment agencies assist business owners with the entire hiring process, while others only focus on specific sections. Some of the most common functions of a recruitment agency include the following:

  • Advertising the job to attract potential candidates
  • Processing job applications
  • Conducting screening interviews
  • Shortlisting candidates and organising interviews
  • Conducting background and reference checks
  • Providing interview feedback
  • Facilitating salary and contract negotiations

Why Work With a Recruitment Agency?

An agency removes most of the administrative burden of hiring new employees – giving business owners more time to focus on their core operations. Recruitment agencies often advertise jobs that employers have yet to post elsewhere, giving job seekers access to more unique employment opportunities. They’re free to use and typically industry-specific, helping you narrow your search to make job hunting easier.

Recruitment for the Manufacturing Industry

RecruitNet connects business owners with qualified industry professionals in operations, supply chain, engineering, and manufacturing. Our recruitment services include end-to-end placement solutions, partial support, and career coaching for permanent and contract workers. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal consultant or full-time operations manager, our recruitment services put the best people forward – contact us for more information.