What Is the Recruitment Process

Whether you’re an employer or job seeker, part of your success is understanding how things work. So, what is the recruitment process? Pairing the right candidate with a suitable company not only means having the right skills for the job but also having the right culture fit. For some companies, the ability to work well within a team ensures that employees are motivated and in turn contribute effectively to an organisation. 

Other companies may require a job seeker to be able to work on their own and be self-motivating for the best results. Depending on the job you apply for, we will discuss all necessary requirements and steps in the process with you.

Engineering Recruitment

Besides sourcing candidates for numerous industries such as manufacturing operations, procurement, sales and marketing, and accounting and financing, we’re also one of the leading engineering recruitment agencies. Here’s a brief outline of the hiring process:

  • Employer contacts us. Companies looking for new talent communicate their job requirements to us. Categories within the engineering field that we assist with are chemical, electrical, and mechanical.
  • We shortlist possible candidates. Whether you’re looking to fill a temporary or permanent position, we source the most compatible applicants and conduct interviews on behalf of your company.
  • Extra support. Our services also include HR options such as career guidance and action planning.

Why RecruitNet

We have years of industry experience and are part of a network of professionals with connections that serve to bring you optimum results. So, contact us if you want the professional services of a qualified, solution-orientated agency.