What is Outsourcing Recruitment in
New Zealand?

Yes, what is outsourcing recruitment, and why is it essential for your business?  We find the perfect job candidates for you, alleviating the need for you to wade through applications, sit through interviews and generally not getting your work done while you look for the ideal person to employ.  At RecruitNet, we do the work, so you can do your work.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment?

We do not start each employee recruitment task from scratch because then we’d be doing a job that you can do yourself.  As an established recruitment agency in New Zealand, we have a large portfolio of vetted candidates in most fields ready for contract and permanent employment by your company.  

We thoroughly check credentials, employment histories and references before interviewing each candidate for inclusion in our database, which means we only present the best to you.

We predominantly place executives and senior leaders in manufacturing companies to head up crucial functions, including general operations, supply chain, engineering, sales and accounting recruitment. We also perform recruitment and placement of qualified trade and technical personnel, with the production environment.

Our Benefits to Job Seekers

It stands to reason that we must have potential employees and managers available for us to provide companies with top-tier candidates. Therefore, RecruitNet is more than just a database listing potential employees. We work with our job seekers to make them great employees:

  • We keep you motivated through our coaching partners for your personal development within your chosen field and support you if you wish to change direction in your career.
  • We also vet all the companies who wish to employ our candidates because they must match corporate and personal philosophies.

Choose RecruitNet for Your Next Placement

We are the dynamic choice for New Zealand technical, managerial and accounting recruitment agencies because we connect only the best employees with the best companies. We follow a hands-on approach in our entire process and follow up after a successful placement.

Contact us for an interview whether you’re a job seeker or a business looking for top personnel.